Family Films

Before I get started, let's take a second to talk about at how cute Willa is...I mean what a nugget! 


There are a couple different reasons why I think having a "Family Film" is so priceless. First, It's so rare that you ever have video where the entire family is in the shot. Whether it's mom or dad..someone has to be behind the camera! This way you can look back and remember the memory as it was, without having a missing family member. The next reason I find pretty ironic. A few years back as a Christmas present for my parents, I had all of our family tapes transferred onto DVD's. We had gotten rid of our video camera years ago, and had no way of playing the tapes! Now we can just pop in a disk, and it's all there. The nice thing about a video camera is that no matter how many clips you automatically puts all your footage back to back (with the occasional hour shot of inside the camera bag mixed in!). But still, it makes all the content easy to re-watch and readily available. However, the funny part is now that we have such advanced video capabilities on our phones/small cameras we don't bother to use video cameras. To me, this is actually a big issue. It's great we have small devices with such great quality, but all the clips then get saved separately and jumbled around on our phones or lost on our computers. When I want to look back on a video of a certain event...I find myself scrolling through my camera roll to find all the individual clips from that day. Not to mention when I need to make space on my phone, videos are usually the first to go! Unless you have the time to be super organized and put together all your footage, it's a giant mess.

Even the smallest video cameras are big to us now in comparison to our phones, so I know it's unrealistic to expect people to start carrying around camcorders everywhere they go like they used to. This is why I really LOVE the concept of making family gives you a solid memory to look back on that's not separated into a bunch of random clips that get lost or deleted on your devices.

Below is the first of many "Family Films" I hope to make. Thank you Weaver fam for being such awesome and gorgeous models for me! 

Thanks for watching:)