Jessie + Emanuel

      I met Jessie during a photojournalism course back in 2012, where we traveled with a group to India and Kyrgyzstan. We hadn't really been able to connect or see each other since then, so it was to my surprise when she called me up recently asking to film her wedding! I was instantly excited because Jessie has this contagious joy for life that I knew would make her video really special. She gets so excited about the smallest and seemingly random things, you can't help but to smile with her. One of those things I remember from traveling with her was her crazy love for donuts. I've seriously never met anyone that gets more excited about them! A few weeks before her wedding I randomly found out that her wedding date fell on the same day as National Donut Day. I instantly thought that there was NO WAY this wasn't planned. So I texted her laughing about it, but she surprisingly had no idea! Her response was, "oh my God no way!!!! Hahahahahahahaha this is perfect! Best present ever!!".
     At one point when I was filming her wedding, she was smiling and beaming in her wedding dress and I had a little flash back to when we were in Kyrgyzstan. Mitch, Jessie, and I were walking back from a cafe when she brought up the topic of weddings. For the next five minutes or so we walked and talked about our future weddings. Fast forward 3.5 years later, Mitch and I are now dating and filming Jessie and her new hubs wedding together. I like to think God was smirking during that conversation thinking, "You all have no idea!" I stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago...some things are just meant to be, even something as small as sharing your wedding date with donuts ;)

Thanks again for having us film your wedding Jessie!