Elopement in South Lake Tahoe

B R I T T A N Y + J O N

Brittany and Jon are a fun-loving, goofy couple that wanted a simple wedding that reflected their personalities. Well…if snowboarding in your suit and dress doesn’t capture that, I don’t know what does!


Jon and I met 3 years ago on St Patrick's Day at Mission Ridge, a ski resort in my hometown, Wenatchee, WA. 

I was there with my dad after returning from 4 months volunteering and traveling in South America and Jon was visiting the ski resort for the first time. We were both in between travel assignments for work as he was working as a traveling Lineman and I was working as a traveling Physical Therapist. 

Because we were there mid-week, the ticket line was empty except for me and Jon. I started up a conversation with him, and my dad, who also worked in the electrical industry, enjoyed visiting with Jon about his job.

 We ended up inviting Jon to ski with us as he was new to the mountain and there alone. 

Jon invited me to go snowboarding with him again a few days later, and we had a great time racing each other down the mountain and singing along to the Sound of Music soundtrack on the car ride home.

 I told Jon wasn't looking for a relationship as I wanted to continue traveling for work, but somehow we ended up seeing each other almost every weekend after we met and started officially dating 3 months later. 

Jon and I are a 'long distance relationship' success story. It wasn't always easy, but it was always an adventure. 

I remember many times when Jon would leave me on a Sunday night, drive 6 hours back to Portland, OR where he was working at the time, sleep in his car for a couple hours, and then show up for work at 6:30am. We would work hard all week and then do it all again!

Jon and I have had so many different adventures during our 3 years together. We both love trying new things, traveling to new places, and exploring the great outdoors. Two years ago, Jon and I got to travel to Japan together, and we spent two amazing days snowboarding in the Japanese Alps in Hakuba Valley. 

We have boarded all over the Pacific Northwest together, and we've made a tradition out of celebrating how we met by hitting the slopes every St. Patrick's Day.

Jon and I have always wanted to visit Lake Tahoe and experience the gorgeous views of the lake while snowboarding on the famous Heavenly Mountain. We chose March 16th, 2019 as our wedding date knowing that we wanted to get married near the anniversary of when we met. We decided Lake Tahoe would be a perfect place to celebrate our marriage and snowboard on our 4th St. Patrick's Day together.

We wanted to keep our wedding simple but adventurous, and we started telling people we were going to #elopeontheslopes.

We were surprised and blessed by all the friends and family who said they wanted to join us, and soon our elopement turned in to more of a destination wedding.

Jon and I both love the outdoors, and we knew we wanted to get married outside. We weren't sure what the weather was going to be like in Tahoe in mid March, and we prepared for cold winter weather. We were surprised by how warm the weather was for our ceremony outside at Emerald Bay despite it being a winter wedding.

The following day was just a beautiful! We kept our tradition alive and boarded on St Patrick's Day, except this time Jon and I wore our suit and gown. It was epic.

After spending a few days in Tahoe, Jon and I returned to my hometown, Wenatchee, WA to enjoy a reception with more of our friends and family. We are now about to embark on another adventure and plan to enjoy an extended honeymoon in Europe. 

If we're lucky, we are going to try to snowboard in the Swiss Alps together!

Looking back, it is amazing to think of all the incredible experiences we've had together and to realize that in reality, the adventure has just begun!

Congrats Britt & Jon. We loved capturing your day!